Hengband Application for Mac OS X

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If you have trouble using the application or suggestions for improvement, it would be best to post them to the Hengband OS X thread on the Angband forums at http://angband.oook.cz/forum or on the ticket list at https://osdn.net/projects/hengbandforosx/ticket/..

The hope is to have the application run on Mac OS X 10.7 or later. The system I have access to runs 10.14 and that's the system where the application has been tested. If you encounter trouble with another version of Mac OS X, please post in the Hengband OS X thread.

If the application fails to run and the system does not provide a useful explanation of why it failed, you might try the following:

  1. Open a Terminal window, from the Go->Utilities menu in the Finder.
  2. In the Terminal run the following, but replace /Users/somebody/Desktop with the location where you placed the hengband application:
    1. cd /Users/somebody/Desktop/hengband.app/Contents/MacOS
    2. ./hengband

Then any messages from the application will appear in the Terminal window rather than be buried in the system logs or not reported at all.