Hengband Application for Mac OS X

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Source Code

If you want to compile the code yourself or examine the changes I made, you can either get one of the packaged source code archives, hengband- is the latest, from https://osdn.net/projbects/hengbandforosx/releases/ or the clone the git repository, git://git.osdn.net/gitroot/hengbandforosx/hengbandosx.git .

If you cloned the git repository and want to compile the code, you'll first need to create the configure script and some of the files it uses. To do so, run this command in the top-level directory of the directory tree with the source code (you'll need to have autoconf and automake in the path):

  1. ./bootstrap

To compile the changed code and generate an English version of the game which uses the Mac OS X Cocoa user interface, run these commands from the top-level directory of the directory tree with the source code:

  1. ./configure --disable-japanese --enable-cocoa
  2. make install

That will create the full application, hengband.app, in the top-level directory. You can move that wherever you want. If you want the curses interface or, if you have the X11 libraries installed, the X11 interface, do not specify --enable-cocoa when running configure. The curses or X11 interface will not use hengband.app. Instead you'll get an executable, hengband, in the directory where you ran configure and that executable will pull information from the lib subdirectory there. To get the Japanese version, do not specify --disable-japanese when running configure. Compilation of the Japanese version requires the utility, nkf. Source code for that utility is available from https://osdn.net/projects/nkf/.

Eventually, the hope is that the changes made here will be incorporated into the standard version of Hengband and you can get both the source code and binaries from them.